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Gain insights on web traffic to get maximum returns
from your SEO and PPC strategies
Web Analytics

Online marketing and sales is one of the fastest growing revenue channels. A significant portion of the GDP is now generated through online sales channel. Even if you do not generate revenue through e-commerce, It is very critical for companies to monitor their online brand health.

The services provided by eMpulse for Online Marketers are;

  • Monitoring of competitor Pay Per Click and SEO strategies
  • Monitoring of the online chatter
  • Webpage traffic monitoring
  • Internet traffic analytics and optimization
  • Qualitative research to refine online positioning
  • Developing lists of marketable products

Using advanced web traffic analytics we are able to provide clients with great insights about customer base and their behavior within web environments.

Online marketing brings together both the science and art of the commerce driven by world wide web. The different phases involved in internet marketing are;

  • Online presence design
  • Development
  • Marketing campaigns and advertisements
  • e-Commerce and revenue generation

You have invested time and money into building your business's online presence. Now capitalize on your investment by knowing who your visitors are, what they are interested in and how they found you. eMpulse's internet traffic and optimization strategy can help you realize additional revenue by refining your current campaigns and target new customer segments.

We can help you excel in multiple channels of refining your web presence. The main channels used reach customers in cyber space are;

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements
  • Search Engine Optimziation (SEO)
  • Banner advertisements
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Social Media interaction

eMpulse utilizes Search Engine Optimization techniques to help ensure that prospects are able to find your company's website. Once a visitor is on your website, it is possible using web analytics, to keep them there if you understand their behaviors. Statistics such as pages visited, time spent on pages, documents viewed, and click patterns are key in converting prospects into customers.

We also monitor your brand on the World Wide Web and provide regalur reports at a value price using our analysts based in eMpulse India.

Some of the chatter channels through which we typically monitor brand health are;

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube

Many social communities have a short life span, but they also have high potency to impact your brand. Some of the tools that are used to mointor the online communities that impact your company are Google Alerts, Twitter Keyword Monitoring, Blog Trackers, Facebook Lexicon and other similar tools and techniques.

We also conduct qualitative research to help you position your online presence. This will help you develop a online presence that is driven by customer information. Some of the qualitative services provided that help with online marketing and website development are;

  • Qualitative analysis for SEO optimization
  • Qualitative analysis for Pay Per Click advertisement optimization
  • Qualitative studies for website development
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