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Marketing Research

To understand the customer, many times, field data is collected either using online data collection, face to face interviews, CATI or any of the other Market Research data collection techniques.

We provide the best survey entry, coding, troubleshooting and a series of labor-intensive data processing resources to focus on data mining. Bulk data entry rich experience, advanced entry software to ensure to provide you with high quality data processing services. We can offer all types of research service including quantitative, qualitative and desk. Our deliverables include validated, actionable data that is raw, coded, cross-tabbed or analyzed.

Quantitative Services:
We offer the following quantitative services. We design, execute and manage the following kinds of studies to meet our clients' needs. Being experts in data collection for quantitative and qualitative research, we extend our services to both domestic as well as global companies.

The list of quantitative methodologies includes but is not limited to:

Survey Methods include:

  • Telephone Interviews
  • Online Surveys
  • Mail In Survey's
  • Face to face interviews

Qualitative Studies
We also specialize in in qualitative research also such as research in things like interview transcripts, open ended survey responses, emails, notes, feedback forms, photos and videos which is used to gain insight into people's attitudes, behaviors, value systems, concerns, motivations, aspirations, culture or lifestyles. We also undertake qualitative research on any unstructured material including customer feedback forms, reports or media clips.

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